The Palestine/ Israel dilemma



June 3, 1957

Ways to Peace in the Middle East (at the Caravan of East and West)

December 17, 1961

Challenge to Judaism in a World Drifting toward Destruction

June 24, 1966

Judaism, Christianity and Humanism: Are They Compatible?

October 7, 1966

Causes of Anti-Semitism

March 5, 1967

Hinduism - The Search for Order and Peace

March 26, 1967

Mohammed and the Quest for Universal Brotherhood

April 2, 1967

Judaism and the Struggle for Social Justice

April 5, 1967

Judaism and the Struggle for Social Justice

June 4, 1967

The Arab-Israel Dilemma

June 16, 1967

The Arab-Israel Problem

June 17, 1967

The Arab-Israel Problem

June 18, 1967

The Arab-Israel Problem

June 21, 1967

The Arab-Israel Problem

August 26, 1967

Arguments for and against a Zionist State

May 11, 1968

Can a Jew Be A Humanist?

October 9, 1968

Sense Relaxation - A Way to Inner Peace

November 24, 1968

Jewish and Christian Prejudices - How to Cope with Them

December 27, 1968

Peace through Justice in the Middle East

May 9, 1969

Peace of Mind and Healthy Anger - How to Achieve It

December 21, 1969

Arab vs Jewish Nationalism - Is Doom Inevitable?

December 26, 1969

How to Gain Peace of Mind and Find Meaning in Life

May 3, 1970

Learning to Cope with Jews, Christians and Humanists

July 4, 1970

Finding Personal Peace through Humanistic Attitudes

November 19, 1970

Nazism in Today's Society

March 14, 1971

Humanism, Judaism and Antisemitism

April 1, 1971

Meditation, Inner Peace and Human Contact

November 11, 1973

Humanism and Israel

April 28, 1974

The New Anti-Semitism

May 26, 1974

Humanism - The Solution of the Arab-Israeli Dilemma

August 18, 1974

The Self-Actualizing Jew

December 1, 1974

Bertrand Russell - Peace and the Future of Humanity

December 22, 1974

The Jews and Palestine - Myths, Realities and Options

January 26, 1975

Hinduism - The Quest for Order and Peace

February 23, 1975

Mohammed and the Cause of Universalism

March 2, 1975

Judaism and the Struggle for Social Justice

August 4, 1975

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Humanism

December 21, 1975

The Myths of Zionist Racism

May 23, 1976

On Ethical Zionism

November 27, 1977

Realities and Illusions in Building Peace in the Middle East

February 12, 1978

Martin Buber - A Prophet in Israel - A Celebration of His Centennial Birth

February 19, 1978

The Humanist Way to Peace in the Middle East

August 4, 1979

Finding New Meaning and Peace in Love and Life

October 7, 1979

The Meaning of Humanistic Judaism and Christianity

November 9, 1980

Bertrand Russell and the Struggle for World Peace

December 30, 1980

The Future of Judaism and Christianity in the Humanist Tradition

March 29, 1981

Martin Buber's Original Speech Israel & the Command of the Spirit

May 3, 1981

Humanism in Israel

June 21, 1981

My Work With Buber, Fromm, Kohn, and Arendt for Palestine/ Israel Peace

October 18, 1981

My Struggle for Peace in the Middle East

July 16, 1982

Martin Buber's and Erich Fromm's Quest for Peace in the Middle East

December 12, 1982

Humanistic Judaism

January 30, 1983

Washington, Moscow, and Jerusalem

September 18, 1983

What Is Anti-Semitism and How to Combat It

September 1, 1984

The Humanistic Philosophy of the German Anti-Nazi Constantin Brunner

October 27, 1984

My Struggle for Humanism in Czechoslovakia, Israel, and the United States

January 5, 1985

My Struggle for Humanism in Czechoslovakia, Israel, and the U.S.

May 11, 1985

Peace and Pseudo-Peace in the Middle East

October 26, 1985

Report on My Visit to Israel and the UN NGO Meeting on Palestine in Geneva

March 8, 1986

Making the Great Peace in Jerusalem

July 22, 1986

C. Brunner, Humanism & the Clash of Cultures in Israel and the World (in German)

November 8, 1986

The Question of Palestine as a Key to World Peace

January 17, 1987

Restlessness of the Heart and Inner Peace

March 28, 1987

Washington, Moscow and Jerusalem

August 27, 1987

Can the Palestinians and Israelis Love Each Other?

October 17, 1987

Can the Palestinians and the Israelis Love Each Other?

November 28, 1987

Binationalism and the Palestinian/Israeli Dilemma

March 19, 1988

Humanism as the Fulfillment of Judaism and Christianity

March 26, 1988

Israel and Palestine - A Humanistic Perspective

May 7, 1988

Love and Humanism - The Solution of the Palestine/Israel Dilemma

April 15, 1990

My Life Encounter with Martin Buber: Israel's Resistance to an Intl Peace Conf

May 6, 1990

Preceded by N.F. Capek's Flower Celebration - On Peace, Love, Dialogue and Democracy

June 24, 1990

Will There Ever Be Peace in the Middle East?

January 13, 1991

Israel's Security and the Dialogical Processes

June 22, 1992

Prague and Jerusalem--A Spiritual Perspective

October 15, 1994

Moving From Anger and Hurt to Love and Inner Peace

July 30, 1995

Culture of Love, Peace and Freedom

December 24, 1995

Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and Religious Freedom

February 23, 1996

Why I Am Not a Jew

December 11, 1996

My Struggle for Humanism in the Czechoslovakia, Israel, and the U.S.

August 26, 1997

A Common Denominator in Palestine/Israel Relations (UN, Geneva)

September 1, 1997

IHUD, the Union Organization and Unitarianism (Jerusalem)

June 26, 1998

The Humanist Struggle for Real Palestine-Israel Peace (UUA General Assembly, Rochester, NY)

November 1, 1998

The Struggle for Peace in the Holy Land: St. Peter's Community Church

June 15, 2000

My Struggle in the Spirit of Capek in Palestine, Israel and the U.S.

October 19, 2001

A Mid-East Peace Offensive: The Moral Solution of the Palestine-Israel Conflict

May 17, 2002

Only God Can Save the Middle East

January 17, 2003

The Revolt of the Jews

October 17, 2003

The Struggle for Peace in the Holy Land

May 18, 2004

Towards Peace in the Middle East, Prague Unitarian Society, Czech Republic

June 30, 2004

Early Czech Pioneers for Palestine/Israel Peace, Czech Society of Artists and Scientists, SVU, University of Olomoc, CR

May 19, 2006

My Stand on the Palestine/Israel Issue Today

February 16, 2007

God-Centered Humanism: The Fulfillment of Judaism and Christianity

July 20, 2007

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed Before the General Assembly of the UN Today

March 21, 2008

Palestine-Israel - The Humanism Side

March 21, 2008

Palestine-Israel - The Humanist Side

March 20, 2009

Zionism and the Palestine Israel Conflict – A Compassionate Assessment

March 19, 2010

For the Sake of Zion

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