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Church Of Humanism Activism

    Here are some activities our Church of Humanism members have undertaken over the years. They have actively defended humanism. They have voiced their opposition to capital punishment. They have supported animal rights and provided hearty soup to the less fortunate on cold winter nights.

A powerful talk on the dialogic vs. the diabolic ways of living

by Reverend Joseph Ben-David

on March 18th, 1989

This talk is divided into seven (7) distinct sections each addressing an aspect of the topic.  Reverend Ben-David concludes by suggesting a possible solution to overcoming the impact of a diabolic way of living as individuals and as a society. 


Reverend Joseph Ben-David's starts by clearly stating the Church of Humanism's fundamental obligation is to address issues affecting life.


What does it mean to living dialogically?  Reverend Joseph Ben-David introduces us to Martin Buber's concept of the dialogic relations.  To better understand this concept, by way of an interesting example (relations with a tree) he simplifies what it means to have a dialogic relationship with the world around us.


Reverend Joesph Ben-David in this section of his talk counter-poses the dialogic with a more destructive concept of relating with others and the world; the diabolic relation.


Reverend Joesph Ben-David specifically mentions 2 systems in this section, capitalism and communism/ socialism.  He says neither are good or bad.  They both consist of people living either diabolically or dialogically.  This determines the worthiness of the system.


The focus in this section is on the Sacro-Egoism lifestyle. Reverend Ben-David says this lifestyle is all pervasive.  It is also known as narcissism in psychological terms.  As long as we have diabolic relations this Sacro-Egoism/ Narcissism cannot be overcome.

Diabolic System:

We live in a diabolic system.  It translates into what Reverend Ben-David calls totalitarian democracy.  He describes it as living under the tyranny of the majority or as the tyranny of the law or order.  He says this system is fueled by the Sacro-Egoism lifestyle and it is kept going by a powerful propaganda machine and the current established religions.  We may think we are free living in this system, but is it real freedom or limited freedom?  Are we living a predatory life where self-interest is paramount or one where we care about each other? 


Reverend Ben-David offers a solution most will think can't be the answer and that is religion.  But he is not talking about religion as we know it.  He is talking about religious humanism based on dialogic relations through activism.  He says if we can see ourselves as being responsible for the whole world then we can act out our spiritual orientation.  This is the purpose of religious humanism.

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