Influential Leaders (in Psychology, Science, Politics, the Arts)



May 20, 1937

On Resisting Hitler's Power (Intl. League Against Nazism, Unitaria Prague)

February 23, 1964

Review of Albert Ellis’s book ‘Sex Without Guilt’

November 4, 1965

The Humanism of Bertrand Russell

April 1, 1966

Roots of Martin Buber's Existentialism

April 29, 1966

Why Did Jesus and Socrates Have to Die?

May 6, 1966

Review of Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving

May 13, 1966

Nietzsche: Prophet of Salvation or Doom?

June 24, 1966

Judaism, Christianity and Humanism: Are They Compatible?

September 16, 1966

The Ethics of Albert Schweitzer's Reverence for Life

September 30, 1966

Dilemmas of Humanity and Constantin Brunner's Philosophy

December 16, 1966

Erich Fromm's Concept of Humanistic Psychology

January 6, 1967

The Ideals of Albert Einstein

January 20, 1967

Sexual Freedom and Albert Ellis's Philosophy of Rational Living

January 27, 1967

Roots of Martin Buber's Existentialism

March 1, 1967

Van Gogh

March 12, 1967

Buddha and the Way to Enlightenment

March 19, 1967

Lao Tze and Paradoxical Logic

March 26, 1967

Mohammed and the Quest for Universal Brotherhood

March 31, 1967

Critique of Erich Fromm's Essay Roads to Sanity

April 1, 1967

Critique of Erich Fromm's Essay Roads to Sanity

April 9, 1967

Jesus and Salvation through Love

April 12, 1967

Jesus and Salvation through Love

April 19, 1967

The Religion of Erich Fromm

April 26, 1967

The Faith of John Dewey

May 24, 1967

Nazism and the Thoughts of Bonhoeffer

July 7, 1967

The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

July 8, 1967

The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci

July 9, 1967

The Life and Art of Van Gogh

July 12, 1967

The Life and Art of Van Gogh

September 8, 1967

The Humanism of Bertrand Russell

September 9, 1967

The Humanism of Bertrand Russell

September 13, 1967

The Humanism of Albert Schweitzer

December 3, 1967

Judeo-Christian Ethics and Humanism

December 6, 1967

The Humanistic Psychology of Erich Fromm

April 8, 1968

Critique of Albert Ellis's 'Sex without Guilt'

April 22, 1968

Critique of Erich Fromm's The Sane Society

May 18, 1968

Can a Christian Be a Humanist?

June 8, 1968

Humanism and Nietzsche's Superman

September 6, 1968

The Humanism of Martin Buber

November 24, 1968

Jewish and Christian Prejudices - How to Cope with Them

December 25, 1968

Is Humanism without Jesus Possible?

December 27, 1968

Review of Erich Fromm's The Revolution of Hope

May 2, 1969

Review of Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving

May 24, 1969

Full-Day Humanist Encounter and Outing, Lamont Nature Sanctuary

November 16, 1969

The Political Humanism of Bertrand Russell and Albert Schweitzer

November 28, 1969

Judaism, Christianity, and Humanism - What They Do to Us

January 11, 1970

Review of Erich Fromm's 'The Practice of Love'

March 27, 1970

Practice of Erich Fromm's 'Self-Love' and Abraham Maslow's 'Self-Actualization'

May 3, 1970

Learning to Cope with Jews, Christians and Humanists

June 28, 1970

The Legacy of the Humanist Bertrand Russell

August 23, 1970

The Practice of Love - the Application of Erich Fromm's 'The Art of Loving'

August 29, 1970

Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualization - The Processes that Lead to the Good Life

November 12, 1970

The Humanism of Bertrand Russell

December 3, 1970

The Humanisms of Schweitzer, Buber and Bonhoeffer

December 10, 1970

The Humanisms of Dewey and Huxley

April 4, 1971

The Relevance of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life and Martyrdom Today

April 11, 1971

The Humanism of Albert Schweitzer and Martin Buber

June 6, 1971

The Meaning of Erich Fromm's 'The Art of Loving'

October 7, 1971

The Meaning of Love: Discussion of Erich Fromm's 'The Art of Loving'

December 12, 1971

How the Psychologies of Fromm, Ellis and Maslow Can Improve Relationships

March 3, 1973

The Humanism of Albert Schweitzer, Bertrand Russell and Abraham Maslow

June 21, 1973

Seminar: The Life and Thoughts of Akhenaten, Jesus and Socrates

June 30, 1973

Erich Fromm's Concept of Narcissism and How It Affects Relationships

July 5, 1973

Seminar: The Life and Thoughts of Schweitzer, Einstein and Buber

July 19, 1973 Seminar: The Life and Thought of Madalyn O'Hair, Friedan, Malcolm X, Tim Leary

July 26, 1973

Seminar: The Life and Thought of Dewey, Huxley, and Maslow

November 4, 1973

Humanism and the Jesus Symbol

April 14, 1974

The Recurring Murder and Resurrection of Christ

May 14, 1974

Seminar: The Life and Thought of Bonhoeffer, Fromm and Wilhelm Reich

August 16, 1974

Review of Erich Fromm's 'The Art of Loving'

August 25, 1974

The Self-Actualizing Christian

October 27, 1974

Martin Buber and the I-Thou Dialogue

November 3, 1974

Constantin Brunner - The Truth about People

November 10, 1974

Abraham Maslow - The Meaning of Self-Actualization

November 17, 1974

Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving' Reviewed

December 1, 1974

Bertrand Russell - Peace and the Future of Humanity

December 8, 1974

Albert Schweitzer - Reverence for Life

December 22, 1974

Albert Einstein - Cosmic Philosophy

December 29, 1974

John Dewey - The Humanist Idea of God

January 5, 1975

The Humanism of Wilhelm Reich

February 2, 1975

Buddha and His Way to Enlightenment

February 9, 1975

The Wisdom of Confucius and Lao Tze

February 23, 1975

Mohammed and the Cause of Universalism

March 9, 1975

Jesus and Salvation through Love

March 16, 1975

From Leonardo da Vinci to Erasmus of Rotterdam

June 13, 1976

Wilhelm Reich - A Martyr for Humanism

June 27, 1976

In Defense of Karen Anne Quinlan

August 1, 1976

Understanding the Psychology of Albert Ellis

October 31, 1976

Wilhelm Reich - His Vision and Tragedy

November 7, 1976

Erich Fromm's To Have or to Be?

November 14, 1976

From Freud to Maslow - 16 Steps to Self-Actualization

December 25, 1976

Christmas Program - Making Joy Possible Here and Now

January 30, 1977

President Carter's New Spirit and Humanism Today

May 29, 1977

Erich Fromm's Concept of Love, and Review of His Book The Revolution of Hope

August 14, 1977

Love and Happiness Through Self-Actualization - Understanding Abraham Maslow

October 23, 1977

The Ordeal of Karen Anne Quinlan - A Case of Parental Tyranny

December 3, 1977

Review of Erich Fromm's Art of Loving and Albert Ellis's Sex without Guilt

December 25, 1977

Abraham Maslow's Concept of Self-Actualization and the Good Life

February 12, 1978

Martin Buber - A Prophet in Israel - A Celebration of His Centennial Birth

February 12, 1978

Self-Love as a Prerequisite for Loving Others - The Ideas of Erich Fromm

March 5, 1978

How Self-Actualization Leads to Happiness - The Psychology of Abraham Maslow

March 17, 1978

16 Steps to Self-Actualization & Happier Relating - The Psychology of A. Maslow

May 5, 1978

Coping with Anxiety - Based on K. Horney, A. Ellis, E. Berne

May 21, 1978

Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving Explained

May 28, 1978

Why Love Doesn't Just Happen - Carl Rogers' On Becoming Partners Reviewed

July 2, 1978

The Humanism of Jesus

July 9, 1978

Humanism vs. the Hitler Phenomenon

August 6, 1978

The Realization of Martin Buber's I-Thou Philosophy

August 13, 1978

Humanism and the Psychology of Wilhelm Reich

October 7, 1979

The Meaning of Humanistic Judaism and Christianity

January 23, 1980

Review of ‘Man's Search for Meaning,’ by Victor Frankl

January 30, 1980

Review of ‘The Neurotic Personality of Our Time,’ by Karen Horney

March 2, 1980

The Personal Meaning of Bertrand Russell's Humanism

March 12, 1980

Review of ‘On Becoming a Person,’ by Carl Rogers

March 19, 1980

Review of ‘Toward a Psychology of Being,’ by Abraham Maslow

March 26, 1980

Review of ‘Gestalt Therapy,’ by Fritz Perls

April 2, 1980

Review of ‘Selected Writings,’ by Wilhelm Reich

April 6, 1980

The Humanistic Psychology of Wilhelm Reich

April 9, 1980

Sex Without Guilt, by Albert Ellis

May 7, 1980

The Ideas of Wilhelm Reich

July 6, 1980

Self-Awareness and the Humanism of Karen Horney

August 3, 1980

Review of ‘The Sane Society,’ by Erich Fromm

August 17, 1980

Roads to a Sane Society- Discussion of Erich Fromm's Ideas

September 21, 1980

The Great Humanist Minds - Abraham Maslow's Concept of Self-Actualization

September 28, 1980

The Great Humanist Minds - The Humanism of Albert Schweitzer

October 5, 1980

Great Humanist Minds: John Dewey's Philosophy of Religious Liberation

October 12, 1980

The Legacy of Martin Buber

October 24, 1980

Becoming a Partner in a Real Relationship-The Ideas of Carl Rogers & Eric Berne

November 9, 1980

Bertrand Russell and the Struggle for World Peace

November 16, 1980

Abraham Maslow's Self-Actualization and How It Improves Life and Relationships

November 23, 1980

The Humanist Value System vs. the Myths of Rev. Jerry Falwell's Moral Majority

December 7, 1980

The Great Humanist Minds: Julian Huxley - the Philosophy of a Spiritual Pioneer

December 21, 1980

Why John Lennon Was Killed

December 28, 1980

Abraham Maslow's Concept of Love as a Peak Experience

December 30, 1980

The Future of Judaism and Christianity in the Humanist Tradition

January 4, 1981

Erich Fromm's Concept of Non-Possessive Relating

February 1, 1981

Affirmative Humanism in the Context of Judeo-Christian Ethics

February 8, 1981

Martin Buber's Contribution to the Understanding of the Concept of Freedom

February 15, 1981

Erich Fromm's Concept of Happiness

February 22, 1981

The World of Franz Kafka

March 1, 1981

Bertrand Russell's and Albert Ellis's Sexual Ethics

March 22, 1981

The Great Humanist Minds: Understanding Abraham Maslow's Psychology of Science

March 29, 1981

Martin Buber's Original Speech Israel & the Command of the Spirit

May 22, 1981

The World of Eric Berne: Relating Without Game Playing

May 30, 1981

How to Apply Abraham Maslow's Ideas of Self-Actualization in Everyday Living

June 5, 1981

The World of Erich Fromm and His Struggle for a Humanistic Civilization

June 7, 1981

Wilhelm Reich's Concept of Love

June 21, 1981

My Work With Buber, Fromm, Kohn, and Arendt for Palestine/ Israel Peace

July 5, 1981

Albert Schweitzer and the Humanist Vision

July 12, 1981

The Humanist Meaning of the Trials of Jesus and Socrates

July 19, 1981

Bertrand Russell's Declaration of Humanism

September 11, 1981

Erich Fromm's Concepts of Love and Hope

November 6, 1981

Wilhelm Reich and Sexual Enlightenment

January 10, 1982

Julian Huxley's Evolutionary Humanism

January 15, 1982

Erich Fromm's Ideas on Personal Relating

February 28, 1982

Karen Horney's Model of the Non-Neurotic Personality

March 28, 1982

Beyond Erich Fromm's Art of Loving

March 28, 1982

My Experience with Corliss Lamont and the American Humanist Association

July 2, 1982

Wilhelm Reich - His Life and Message

July 16, 1982

Martin Buber's and Erich Fromm's Quest for Peace in the Middle East

July 18, 1982

Was Nietzsche's Superman a Humanist or a Dictator?

August 6, 1982

Abraham Maslow's Concept of Love in Healthy People

September 12, 1982

The Radical Existentialism of Martin Buber

September 19, 1982

Sir Julian Huxley - The Forgotten Humanist Religious Revolutionary

October 8, 1982

Wilhelm Reich's Ideas about Happiness in Love

October 24, 1982

The Ethical Values of Wilhelm Reich

October 31, 1982

Erich Fromm's Concept of Humanistic Psychology

November 21, 1982

Humanistic Buddhism

December 19, 1982

Humanistic Christianity

February 4, 1983

Felix Adler's Concept of Love and Marriage

February 6, 1983

The Spiritual Message of Abraham Maslow

February 13, 1983

Wilhelm Reich's Affirmation of Life

February 27, 1983

Karen Horney's Concept of Love and Emotional Health

April 3, 1983

The Myths about Jesus and the Resurrection of Reason

April 24, 1983

My Life Encounter with Martin Buber

May 6, 1983

Abraham Maslow's Meaning of Love in Healthy People

July 24, 1983

The Humanism of the Unitarian Martyr Dr. Norbert Fabian Capek

August 7, 1983

Albert Schweitzer's Way to Humanism

August 14, 1983

Harry Stack Sullivan's Ideas about Non-Neurotic Interpersonal Relating

August 20, 1983

Erich Fromm's Concepts of Love and Relating

August 21, 1983

Bertrand Russell's Philosophy of Humanism

August 28, 1983

The Psycho-Political Significance of the Humanism of Wilhelm Reich

May 26, 1984

Abraham Maslow - Ideas for Maximizing Abilities in Relating and Creativity

June 2, 1984

Wilhelm Reich's Thoughts on Love, Happiness, and Sexuality

June 9, 1984

Erich Fromm's Concept of the Art of Loving and Social Being

June 16, 1984

Martin Buber's I-Thou Relating and Living the Authentic Life

June 30, 1984

Karen Horney's Theory of Moving Toward, Against, and Away From People

July 7, 1984

Erich Berne's Theory of Game-Free Relating

July 25, 1984

My Life Encounter with Martin Buber

September 1, 1984

The Humanistic Philosophy of the German Anti-Nazi Constantin Brunner

September 29, 1984

Bertrand Russell's Struggle For Humanism

October 6, 1984

Making Friends with the Opposite Sex, Based on the ideas of Carl Rogers

October 13, 1984

The Meaning of Self-Love in Loving Relationships - Karen Horney's concepts

October 20, 1984

The Philosophy of Humanism of Corliss Lamont

November 10, 1984

Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves & Others, Based on ideas of Maslow and Fromm

November 17, 1984

Happiness Through Relatedness - Based on ideas of Harry Stack Sullivan

January 5, 1985

Erich Fromm's Ideas on Preventing Destructive Relationships

January 13, 1985

Overview of the Psychology of Abraham Maslow

January 26, 1985

Victor Frankl's Ideas on Personal Survival and Existential Being

January 27, 1985

Erich Fromm's Psychoanalysis and Religion

February 10, 1985

From Albert Schweitzer: Out of My Life and Thought

February 16, 1985

Ideology, Theology, and the Judeo-Christian Value System

February 17, 1985

Corliss Lamont's The Philosophy of Humanism

February 24, 1985

Outline of Korszybski's General Semantics

March 3, 1985

Albert Ellis and R.A. Harper: A Guide to Rational Living

March 9, 1985

Constantin Brunner - His Theory of the Faculties and the Crisis of Our Time

March 16, 1985

How to Revitalize Your Social Life - Based on Ideas of Eric Berne

March 23, 1985

Dealing Creatively with Possessiveness & Jealousy - Based on ideas of Carl Rogers

May 15, 1985

Karen Horney's Theories of Healthy Relating

June 1, 1985

The Humanist Radicalism of Albert Schweitzer

June 29, 1985

The Legacy of Bertrand Russell

July 20, 1985

Memorial Meeting for Karen Anne Quinlan

August 31, 1985

Review of Erich Fromm's The Sane Society

December 7, 1985

John Dewey's Concept of Religious Liberation

December 21, 1985

Some of Julian Huxley's Concepts of Developed Humanism

December 28, 1985

Abraham Maslow's Concept of Peak Experiences

March 15, 1986

Jerry Falwell and Tim LaHaye: Two False Prophets and the Idea of the Antichrist

March 22, 1986

The Jesus Phenomenon - a Humanist Perspective

July 22, 1986

C. Brunner, Humanism & the Clash of Cultures in Israel and the World (in German)

December 6, 1986

Lamont's Philosophy of Humanism and Humanism in America

May 2, 1987

The Life & Message of the Unitarian Martyr, Dr. Norbert Fabian Capek

June 20, 1987

The Fall of Jerry Falwell

October 24, 1987

The Fallacies of Jerry Falwell's Teachings

December 26, 1987

The Humanism of Jesus

March 19, 1988

Humanism as the Fulfillment of Judaism and Christianity

June 4, 1988

The Humanism of Felix Adler and Erich Fromm

February 11, 1989

The Core Idea of Felix Adler's Ethical Culture

March 25, 1989

Martin Luther King's Principles on Non-Violence

April 8, 1989

æhitlerÆ as a generic term

April 29, 1989

The Retrial and Vindication of Jesus

June 10, 1989

Buddhism - A Humanist Interpretation

June 25, 1989

Abbie Hoffman Memorial - The Meaning of the '60s

March 4, 1990

The Ideas of Erich Fromm: Fulfilling 5 Human Needs - A Prerequisite for Sanity

March 11, 1990

Intro to Humanism--The Ideas of Victor E. Frankl: On the Real Meaning of Life

March 25, 1990

Introduction to Humanism - The Legacy of Albert Schweitzer

April 15, 1990

My Life Encounter with Martin Buber: Israel's Resistance to an Intl Peace Conf

May 6, 1990

Preceded by N.F. Capek's Flower Celebration - On Peace, Love, Dialogue and Democracy

June 10, 1990

Buddha, Isaiah and Socrates

December 10, 1991

Increasing Effectiveness in the Social Context (based on Comenius and Maslow)

December 16, 1991

Review of ‘I and Thou,’ by Martin Buber 

January 7, 1992

Spiritual Renewal and the Great Existential Dialogue--Based on the Ideas of Buber and Rogers

May 4, 1992

The Philosophy of Constantin Brunner

May 15, 1992

The Tragedy of the 60s and Its Relevance to the 90s--Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

May 25, 1992

Four Great and Wise Practitioners: Schweitzer, Russell, Einstein and Masaryk

October 8, 1995

The Power Tactics of Jesus

November 5, 1995

The Philosophy and Private Life of Erich Fromm

December 24, 1995

Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and Religious Freedom

February 23, 1996

Beyond Jesus and Buddha

February 5, 1998

Karen Horney's Concept of a Strong and Emotionally Developed Person

February 19, 1998

Harry Stack Sullivan's Revolutionary Discoveries about Interpersonal Relations

April 2, 1998

Carl Rogers' Ideas about Growth through the Group Process

May 7, 1998

Erich Berne's Way to Non-Manipulative Relating

February 3, 1999

Can the Dignity of America Be Saved? The Trials of Jesus and Clinton

April 19, 2000

Jesus on Broadway video presentation

August 12, 2001

Norbert F. Capek's Philosophy of Life and the Future of Unitarianism in America

February 21, 2003

My Life-Encounter with Martin Buber

February 20, 2004

The Message of Jesus for Our Time

May 14, 2004

My Experience with Martin Buber, Martin Buber Fund, Czech Republic

October 15, 2004

Wilhelm Reich's Psychology of Sexuality

October 23, 2004

Memorial for Sharon Shapiro

June 28, 2005

Buber's Message for Our Time, in Prague, Czech Republic

June 29, 2005

The Humanism of Martin Buber, in Prague

July 1, 2005

My Life Encounter with Martin Buber, at Buber Conference, in Ostrov Mountains

July 8, 2005

The Life and Struggle of Martin Buber, in Brno, CR

December 9, 2005

Jesus and Humanism Now

February 16, 2007

God-Centered Humanism: The Fulfillment of Judaism and Christianity

March 16, 2007

Erich Fromm's Message for Today

May 18, 2007

Erich Fromm's Message for Today

July 20, 2007

Moses, Jesus and Mohammed Before the General Assembly of the UN Today

December 21, 2007

Jesus the Humanist

September 21, 2008

Martin Buber’s Concept, ‘Guilt and the Feeling of Guilt,’ in Ostrov, CR

December 19, 2008

The Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

April 12, 2009

Humanism and the Resurrection of Jesus, Atlanta, GA Unitarian Congregation

October 8, 2009

Conversation with Harold Channer, Manhattan Neighborhood Network

December 18, 2009

Video, ‘Jesus on Broadway,’ a one-person play, with Joseph Ben-David

February 19, 2010

Humanism and the Jesus Symbol

June 8, 2010

My Remembrance of Rev. Norbert Fabian Capek, Unitaria, Prague CR

June 11, 2010

Martin Buber's Philosophy of the Joy of Living, Buber Fund, Prague

October 15, 2010

Humanism and the Remarkable Psychology of Carl Jung

October 24, 2010

Robert Ingersoll Oratory Contest, Washington, D.C.

November 11, 2010

Interview: On the World Situation, on Manhattan Neighborhood Network, with Harold Channer

December 17, 2010

Video, ‘Jesus on Broadway,’ a one-person play, with Joseph Ben-David

October 21, 2011

Martin Buber - Where Are You Now when We Need You Most?

March 16, 2012

The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm

January 17, 2014

Creative Interchange Group on Erich Fromm’s The Art of Loving

April 18, 2014

Dr. Wilhelm Reich: A Radical Sexologist and American Martyr

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