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Welcome to the Church of Humanism and its division, the Humanist Foundation. Founded in 1973, the Church of Humanism, located in New York City, is the only Humanist religious organization that affirms God as a fusion of naturalism and realism.

Our philosophy of life is based on a deep faith in the values of reason, love, and intuition and a call to conscience that relates particularly to issues of justice, freedom, and peace.  We greatly value the study and the application of humanistic psychology and philosophy, and we take inspiration from the wisdom of Martin Buber, Erich Fromm, Hannah Arendt, Carl Rogers, Karen Horney, Stanley Krippner, Wilhelm Reich, and other pioneers in the field of human relations.

The Church of Humanism is now functioning as an archival website, and, with the death of Joseph Ben-David in December of 2020, the church’s website is posting recordings, videos, and meetings that have occurred in the past. We are certain you will find information here about the unique philosophy and history of our Church.  We welcome you to explore the wealth of humanist material on this site.

An open dialogue on education, the arts and social change with Rev. Joseph Ben David, by John Bredin, Apr 2014
Conversation with Rev. Joseph Ben-David, by Harold Channer, Apr 2006
Conversation with Rev. Joseph Ben-David, by Harold Channer, Sept 2013
In 1939, Rev. Joseph Ben-David boarded a transport to Palestine (a clip)
Rev Joseph Ben-David’s first contact with the Humanist movement (a clip)
Rev. Joseph Ben-David at the 2010 Robert Ingersoll Oratory Contest (a clip)
Rev. Joseph Ben-David talks about some of his return trips to Prague (a clip)
Unitarian Martyr Norbert F. Capek - His Wide World - Sermon, March 16, 2014
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None of the materials, books, essays or lectures should be read or accepted uncritically, nor should any one of them be considered an authoritative and dogmatically binding thesis representing a humanist doctrine. We do not want "followers"; or "true believers"; but freethinking partners in a great spiritual enterprise.